Episode 10- 10 Things I Hate About Scott Berry!!! In our latest episode we discuss our favorite concert. But not before we talk about everything else completely unrelated to concerts. You know, like Mercedes’s recent decision to get sober, the Golden State Killer, Korea, looking stupid while drunk, stupid pictures that have been taken of us while drunk, the recent alleged Bako Baby Killer (you heard it here first folks), Kaleb Kessinger. Eventually we get on topic. Really.


Episode 8…Singing In The Rain
We all have a favorite movie. But how do we pick a favorite movie? Is it the characters? How many times we watch it? How it moves us? This week discover a couple of our favorite movies! We play a game. We phone a friend. We talk about Mercedes’s time as a CNA and pulling poop out of patients!! Good times ahead!


Try to deny it all you want but you know you have a strange fascination with murder too. There’s a whole subculture of people who are either mildly interested or down right obsessed with stories of murder and the fucked up bastards that commit them. This week, we talk about who our favorite murderer is and how their crimes have created a fascination with murder


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Episode 6- Shaking like a dog shitting razor blades…..
Join Scott and Mercedes in a very cerebral discussion about Human Evolution-how far we’ve come in the last couple of centuries and where we think we might be in the future
If you have not watched “Altered Carbon,” we discuss the show in great length and we will not be held accountable for spoiling it for you. We’ve warned you…stop what you’re doing, put your cat down, the baby can wait…. Go watch it right now!! Don’t worry we’ll wait for you….



Episode 5- Project Mayhem- Come along with us as we dive into (while progressively getting drunk) governmental experiments on civilians. We talk experiments, conspiracies and Mercedes’s possible political career. She may or may not have said some things she should not have, which may or may not have needed to be edited out…..